Turning a disappointment into an XPages challenge

website is slow

website is not down, but slow (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Our website http://www.appligate.nl was running very smoothly. Pages loaded very fast within less than 800 milliseconds. We were very happy, but…

…just a couple of days before Christmas 2012, we noticed that loading a page took sometimes more than 10 seconds. We thought it was a temporary problem with Google App Engine environment. But still the AppliGate website is very slow.

What next?

We have decided to switch back to Domino and to use XPages to realize our website. Notice was so nice to offer us hosting facilities. We hope the new site will operate within a couple of weeks. We will try to build a site based on Managed Beans by using the techniques we teach in our free online course How to use Managed Beans in XPages.

And in the meantime?

In the meantime you can still visit our web site running in the Google App Engine environment, but be patient please 😦


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