AppliGate Website and More…

The AppliGate website Due to problems we had with the GAE environment in the past, we had plans to run the AppliGate website as a XPages application. In the end we reversed this┬ádecision, because the GAE is running very smoothly and fast as it was in the beginning: On the Courselets page now we … Lees verder

Java Course for XPages Developers

We are working on a three part online Java introduction course for developers. The objective of the course is to understand some basic concepts of Java, in particular what is an Interface and what is a Java Bean. This basic knowledge is more or less required when developers want to use Managed Beans in XPages … Lees verder

First edition of XPages & Beer

Wednesday September 12th 2012 was the first time of the XPages & Beer mini conference. The initiative for this event was taken by Martin Meijer, Mark Leusink, Frank van de Linden and Wim Jansen. The mini conference was held in the “Creatieve Fabriek” in Hengelo in the Netherlands. There were about 17 XPages developers interested … Lees verder