AppliGate Web Site further Renewed

The AppliGate site is based on a RESTful web API as we earlier posted. This approach provides more advantages than we originally thought. For example, the site is now also multilingual: Dutch and English. We achieved this in less than one day. We have also restyled the site a little bit.

How is the AppliGate site organized?

The heart of the web site

The web site is based upon  JSON representations. By making use of Jackson, a Java library, we serialize JSON representations to Java objects and back again. The objects are stored in a Google App Engine datastore using HTTP Post (create) and Put (update) methods. JSON representations are retrieved with an HTTP Get method. For the HTML representation, we use Apache Velocity templates.

Apache Velocity templates

The Apache Velocity templates are text files that work in a similar way as JavaServer Pages. The conversion to HTML takes place real time on the web application server, which makes testing much easier.

The web pages

Every web page now has an English and a Dutch JSON representation, just copy and past and than translate. If your browser is set to the Dutch language version, it automatically selects the Dutch page and otherwise English. If the request comes from an iPhone or Andoid then the Velocity template for moblile is chosen, otherwise the default template. Both templates refer to the same nested template which contains the specific data to be displayed.

Other features so far

The course schedule in now represented as Google microdata. If we did it right than you will see the course data in the query results when you google for “xpages courses”, hopefully in less then two weeks. We keep you up-to-date.


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