XPages – Passing Managed Beans as parameter

I ‘m currently working on an XPages project where I’m using Managed Beans and POJO’s to keep the code structured. In one of my Java classes I had to retrieve Lotus Notes data.  When you define this class as a Managed Bean (MB) you can pass XPages global objects as parameter using Expression Language e.g. … Lees verder

De AppliGator

We discovered Flipboard a week ago and are very enthusiastic about it. It gave us the opportunity to create a very good-looking online magazine both for desktops and Android and iOS devices. Years ago we had our popular printed magazine called “AppliGator”. We stopped with it because the high cost to produce and distribute it. But … Lees verder

AppliGate Website and More…

The AppliGate website Due to problems we had with the GAE environment in the past, we had plans to run the AppliGate website as a XPages application. In the end we reversed this decision, because the GAE is running very smoothly and fast as it was in the beginning: http://www.appligate.nl On the Courselets page now we … Lees verder

Turning a disappointment into an XPages challenge

Our website http://www.appligate.nl was running very smoothly. Pages loaded very fast within less than 800 milliseconds. We were very happy, but… …just a couple of days before Christmas 2012, we noticed that loading a page took sometimes more than 10 seconds. We thought it was a temporary problem with Google App Engine environment. But still the … Lees verder

How to use Managed Beans in XPages

The new free online course How to use Managed Beans in XPages is ready. It is an addition to our 4-day instructor-led XP852 – Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.2 Basic XPages Applications course. Because it is necessary to have some Java knowledge there is also a link to the free online Java for XPages developers course. It is a course … Lees verder

RESTFull Web API Applications

Presentation we made in Slideshare about our RESTFull Web API Applications services. The presentation is with artificial speech and explains AppliGate vision on this subject. We hope you will enjoin it. Press on the play button to start the presentation.

Yes, yes … it works, course schedule in Google search

Yes, yes … it works, the XPages course schedule is shown in the results of a Google search. At the moment it only works for the Dutch version of the course page, but if Google has indexed the other pages, then it must also be shown in the English version of the page, probably about … Lees verder

AppliGate Web Site further Renewed

The AppliGate site is based on a RESTful web API as we earlier posted. This approach provides more advantages than we originally thought. For example, the site is now also multilingual: Dutch and English. We achieved this in less than one day. We have also restyled the site a little bit. How is the AppliGate … Lees verder

RESTful Web API’s

The AppliGate site has been converted to a RESTful Web API application. It now also supports iPhone and Android devices. The site is fast to our opinion. Why a Web Site based on REST principles? With the advent of mobile devices we were looking for an environment where we could easily adapt to new opportunities. … Lees verder

First edition of XPages & Beer

Wednesday September 12th 2012 was the first time of the XPages & Beer mini conference. The initiative for this event was taken by Martin Meijer, Mark Leusink, Frank van de Linden and Wim Jansen. The mini conference was held in the “Creatieve Fabriek” in Hengelo in the Netherlands. There were about 17 XPages developers interested … Lees verder