First edition of XPages & Beer

Mark Leusink in action at XPages & Beer

Wednesday September 12th 2012 was the first time of the XPages & Beer mini conference. The initiative for this event was taken by Martin Meijer, Mark Leusink, Frank van de Linden and Wim Jansen.

The mini conference was held in the “Creatieve Fabriek” in Hengelo in the Netherlands. There were about 17 XPages developers interested in this first edition of XPages & Beer event. After the introduction session three presentations were given.

Mark Leusink gave the first presentation Burgers and Bean. He explained how you can use Java Bean object as Managed Beans in XPages.  The beans are declared  in the faces-config.xml file together with one of the four XPages scopes where they will live in.

There are two big advantages. Firstly, the beans are automatically instantiated when they are  called for the first time and can be accessed e.g. by using Expression Language. Secondly,  the Java bean can function as model in the Model-View-Control pattern, offering you a more structural way of building XPage applications.

Mark ended his presentations with a impressive demo of an application he developed for a Canadian company.

The next presentation was given by Frank van der Linden about De Activity Stream van de Social Business Toolkit en XPages.  He explained how you can authenticate with IBM Connections using OAuth to process Activity Stream data in your XPage application by using the Connections Restful web service API .

Martin Meijer ended with the last presentation Xpages: Werken met custom controls en de kracht van OpenNTF. This time he showed how you can customize YouTube video using an XPages Custom Control.

Custom Controls are reusable XPage design elements that can be customize by mean of properties you define under PropertyDefinitions. Martin first copies a YouTube iframe- tag of a video and put it on the canvas of the Custom Control and next defined the several parameters he found in the YouTube API. In doing so he could e.g. dynamically define the size and url of a video.

Martin ended by explaining how you can download and upload Custom Controls from and to OpenNTF and with a demo of his famous Google Maps Custom Control that can be downloaded from OpenNTF.

After the presentations there was a discussion about the future of XPages & Beer. All attendees agreed that this initiative should be continued. The next free session will be organized by Frank van der Linden at e-office on December the 12th 2012 starting at 4pm.

The mini conference was closed with a snack and drink sponsored by Clear IT Consulting.

All attendees where very enthusiastic about the initiative of XPages & Beer and enjoined the presentations. If you are interested in future XPages & Beer events please look below.

More information

About the initiators:

Het is een initiatief van mij (Martin Meijer), Mark Leusink, Frank van der Linden waarbij we super gelukkig waren dat ClearIT gelijk aanhaakte om de eerste bijeenkomst te organiseren. Wij hebben in het verleden al vaker gesproken over de mogelijkheden om “iets” te organiseren maar we hadden niet helemaal in beeld in welke vorm dat zou moeten. De negatieve ervaringen van de laatste NLLUG brachten e.e.a. in een stroomversnelling.

Contact:  XPages & Beer: Martin Meijer,

Website and downloads presentations: Xpages & Beer (presentations will be available soon)

Next meeting: December 12th e-office in Houten in the Netherlands, please see XPages & Beer. Presentations will be given by Thimo Jansen, Tom Steenbergen en Erik van der Arend.

Web Api: get a feeling for web api’s, please see AppliGate Event Scheduler.

Learn more about XPages: please see AppliGate course schedule.


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