XPC001 – How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs Object Courselet

The How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs Object courselet provides coding information about the titleBarTabs object of the Application Layout control, and is an addition to our XP852 – Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.2 Basic XPages Applications course. This mini-course  consists out of six parts:

  • Prerequisites and objectives;
  • How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs Object video;
  • Exercise to test your knowledge;
  • Google+ hangout to discuss progress and the application;
  • Resources;
  • References.

Courselet prerequisites and objectives

The target audience is the experienced XPages developer, who want to increase his knowledge of XPages technology and the Application Layout control.

The prerequisites for this advanced level courselet are familiarity with:

  • XPages server-side JavaScript;
  • The content of the JSF 6 Phase Lifecycle courselet, and have done its exercise.

After this courselet you are able to:

  • Programmatically add tabs to or remove tabs from the titleBarTabs object;
  • Use the Dynamic Content control to switch between custom controls;
  • Open a Notes document in the read or edit mode
  • Create a new Notes document;
  • Use the onItemClick event of the Application Layout control to process tab clicks;
  • Solve the <xe:eventHandler> problem
  • Programmatically switch between the tabs of the titleBarTabs object.

How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs Object video

Before attending the Google+ hangout sessions you are requested to watch the How to programmatically manage the titleBarTabs Object video (ca. 13 minutes) and to do the exercise (see below).


You are requested to build an XPages application,  more or less equivalent to the application in the video. If you did the XPages and the JSF Lifecycle courselet exercise, you can use this application as base.

Challenge exercise: When the user switches between the tabs new edits are lost, unless the user saves the data. Find a solution for this imperfection.

Google+ hangout session

When there are sufficient students AppliGate will organize a Google+ hangout for a maximum 6 students where each student has 3 minutes to present his solution. After the presentation there will be a discussion between the instructor/coach and students. You need to have a Google+ account for the hangout.

Date and time next Google+ hangout:
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes
Maximum nbr. of participants: 6 students
Language: English when there are non Dutch speaking participants

If possible we will form a class so the students can exchange information and work together to do the exercise. Priority will be given to former AppliGate’s XPages students.

Please add +Rob Bontekoe to one of your Google+ circles and add a post with your interest. Then we put you in our XPages circle and communicate this way in the future.




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